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For those of you unfamiliar with aptoide, it is a store for android devices containing many "sub-stores" or repositories created by users. We took advantage of this and created BB10Store, a sub-store where we are uploading all of the apps and games we can find that work on BB10. What makes aptoide stand out above all other stores is it's ability to download the SD Data(obb files) for the app you're installing and placing it in the correct folder where it needs to be for the app to work.

How to add our store:
1. Download Aptoide from here:
2. Install Aptoide and open it up, swipe to the right.
3. You should be under the "available" tab. Click add store.
4. Type in "" and click add store.
5. BB10Store should now be under your available stores.
6. Set Adult Content to ON to ensure all apps are shown.
(Some are marked as adult even though they aren't)